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Be understood. Sound natural. Lessen humiliated mistakes.


We are proofreaders.
If you are unsure whether your readers will be able to understand what you want to say...
If you want to reduce the difference between "what you want to say" and "what you wrote"...

Our English proofreading service includes:

Checking for spelling and grammatical errors
English advice
Rephrasing sentences to sound more natural
Rechecking at least three times before returning to you
You also get the following:
One FREE rechecking*
Questions are welcome
You can speak directly with the proofreader to better suit your needs.
*Sometimes, feedback from colleagues necessitates revisions. This service is for that.
Why GengoLooKan?
Our proofreaders have an excellent command of the English language, while also possessing adequate academic writing experience. What's more, we promise to sufficiently research the background of your field so we will have a working knowledge regarding the same. Your papers/manuscripts are in good hands.
Applicable fields
  • patents

  • psychology

  • environment

  • law

  • medicine

  • general documents

  • others (please inquire)

Our fees start from:
Basic plan

4 yen per word

Special plan

8 yen per word

Unlimited rechecking!
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