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GengoLooKan's 「英語4行詩」

We publish short 4-line poems. We generally write about Japanese culture. Our poems are mainly in English, however, we try to incorporate Japanese words into all of our poems. We also include one grammar/spelling mistake in each 4-line poem. See if you can find it!

We hope you enjoy what we put out and look forward to your visit again.

Terms of use:

1. All posts in the "Poems・詩" pages of the GengoLooKan site are completely FREE, as long as you cite properly.

2. Feel free to mix and match all the poems released on the "Poems・詩" pages for your own use, either business or personal.

Contact us:

1. If you like any of the content and would like us to prepare content specific to your needs, please let us know.

2. If you would like to buy any of the content on this website, please let us know.


1. If you like the content, please tell your friends and/or family about this website.

2. If you copy any of the content for your own use, please drop us a line.

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