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Rude Feet (complete)

I noticed in Japan they rarely used their feet And I don't mean for walking as that's just muri1 What I meant was for doing random things Like picking up stuff as well as for pointing

I used to live in a share house with a few nihonjin2 And one was crouching down looking for something Since I was standing I pointed with my right foot Instead of a "thank you" I was told "how rude"

Just recently I was playing volleyball with some yuujin3 And wanted to pass the ball to a fellow athlete I was feeling particularly tired so instead of bending over I kicked the ball in the direction of the next server

A fellow senshu4 told me "it must be frustrating" Because my teammates and I at the time were losing Though I wasn't frustrated that's how it must've appeared To people who grew up differently from where I did

In my bokoku5 pointing with lips is quite common And using one's feet is also not unheard of Please understand I didn't mean any offense But will try to keep in mind the cultural difference


1 Muri(無理)= impossible

2 Nihonjin(日本人)= Japanese (referring to people, and not the language)

3 Yuujin(友人)= friend

4 Senshu(選手)= player, athlete

5 Bokoku(母国)= home country, homeland


前回のミス:did'nt ---> didn't

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