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Blood and personality (complete)

An old belief (at least in my opinion)

When I studied psychology back in university We learned about different theories of personality One of them was related to ketsuekigata1 Which is also part of pop culture in awesome Japan

The idea was to be able to tell a person's seikaku2 By simply knowing the antigens present in one's ketsu3 Although I can't remember the explanation for each breed I'm sure Bs are wonderful people, and other Bs would concede

I have been asked my blood type on a few instances During exchanges with friends and some acquaintances But aside from the occasional "ahh, dakara4" reaction There were no significant changes in our communications

In today's time I think people have become more skeptical Of this once widely believed personality indicator/signal Knowing about your own ketsuekigata1 will bring you no harm It might even become a conversation topic with a new pal


1 Ketsuekigata(血液型)= blood type

2 Seikaku(性格)= personality 3 Ketsu(血)= blood (more often pronounced as "chi" when used by itself, however, for rhyming purposes, I opted for the pronunciation "ketsu")

4 Dakara(だから)= so that's why

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