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Hot Spring (complete)

My first hot spring experience

The first time I enjoyed an onsen1 bath Was during a company trip a few years back I knew of the custom of removing everything But still froze solid right before entering

The people I was with seemed to have no difficulty With taking all off in front of strangers or chijin2 Making sure to keep my shisen3 above waist level I followed suit and unveiled the family jewels

Navigating through a sea of hadaka4 male bodies The awkwardness was gone almost instantly The first step after entering was to wash the self completely In front of a shower and mirror with something bubbly

Once I was sure that I was sufficiently hygienic Without any shampoo or soap left clinging It was time to hairu5 the actual hot spring With everyone else who had also finished preparing

Submerging the body up until the kubi6 Within the forty-degree※ water feels heavenly That is until I start overheating like crazy Which prompts me to stand practically immediately

Though I wasn't sure if anyone else did so I took a cool shower to bring things to a close This made my body ondo7 feel like normal again At least 'til the next time I returned, not until then


1 Onsen(温泉)= hot spring

2 Chijin(知人)= acquaintance 3 Shisen(視線)= line of sight

4 Hadaka(はだか)= naked

5 Hairu(入る)= enter

6 Kubi(首)= neck 7 Ondo(温度)= temperature

※refers to degrees Celsius

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