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Tipping (complete)

Something not done in Japan

I can be described as someone quite kechi1 And all my friends know this fact about me So why do I like living in a place with takai2 bukka3? One reason is no tipping at every restaurant

In other countries tipping is an expected happening Even when service was horrible or sickening Not in Japan, where omotenashi4 is overflowing And you are treated like royalty an entire evening

There are also some tokoro5 that exceed expectations And sometimes you just want to give that extra portion But being cognizant of the fact that tipping is expected Makes tipping less meaningful, less prominent

Not only is tipping not practiced in Japan It may even be rude to tip a tenin-san6 Personally I don't like being compelled to give So "no tipping" is something I like over here


1 Kechi(けち)= stingy 2 Takai(高い)= expensive (can also mean tall or high) 3 Bukka(物価)= cost of living, price in general

4 Omotenashi(おもてなし)= term for Japanese hospitality

5 Tokoro(所)= place

6 Tenin-san(店員さん)= shop employee

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