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Tissue (complete)

Given away in Japan

Imagine yourself having a stuffy, runny nose Or maybe spilling nanika1 on your clothes Wouldn't it be great if tissue were to appear Like magic in a story, suddenly somewhere near

It would be great if it were to happen But alas mahou2 tends to stick to legend At least Japan gets the next best thing That is free tissue for wiping your being

I used to see people giving away free tissue Near train stations and pachinkos3, too Based on memory I'd say pachinkos were ahead When it came to giving away these handy presents

A non-Japanese person once told me a story Of a time his hana4 was very runny Apparently the distributors wouldn't give him any Though he clearly needed some for his difficulty

Since marketing is the main goal of the giveaway Being able to read the koukoku5 is a necessity At least this was based on his assessment Of the events that transpired back then

Still it's not in every kuni6 that you see Tissue being given away for free With the amount of tissue I have taken I could have already filled a box or seven


1 Nanika(何か)= something

2 Mahou(魔法)= magic

3 Pachinko(パチンコ)= a Japanese pinball game

4 Hana(鼻)= nose

5 Koukoku(広告)= advertisement

6 Kuni(国)= country

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