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Tachinomi (complete)

Another unique Japanese experience

An interesting place to head to after a hard day's work Is a place called a tachinomi1 where Japanese lurk This is a unique kind of bar with the absence of seats Be ready to stay standing so please don't wear stilts

The name is derived from two words being linked Tachi2 meaning stand and nomi3 meaning drink At first I had thought the nomi4 stood for only As in "this bar is standing room only, please stand freely"

A lot of Japanese words have the same reading And jokes play on the words' different meanings I think puns are the haha5 of all modern joudan6 And I hope that elicited a "haha" from you, dear human

Going back to tachinomis1, which is the title of this ballad Besides the standing part they are similar to izakayas7 You can order drinks and otsumamis8, among other things And have a good time with the unique atmosphere it brings

If you are currently living somewhere in nihon9 Or coming to Japan is a future expectation Please try to drop by one of these establishments I'm sure you'll enjoy it along with its refreshments


1 Tachinomi(立ち飲み)= Japanese standing bar

2 Tachi(立ち)= stand 3 Nomi(飲み)= drink 4 Nomi(のみ)= only

5 Haha(母)= mother 6 Joudan(冗談)= joke

7 Izakaya(居酒屋)= Japanese bar 8 Otsumami(おつまみ)= snacks eaten while drinking alcohol

9 Nihon(日本)= Japan

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