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Teru Teru Bozu (complete)

Good weather dolls

The day before you go on a camping trip It's raining cats and dogs, making your eyes drip But how does one make the sky stop falling? By hanging a teru teru bozu1 and a lot of praying

Teru teru bozu1 can be easily made at one's dwelling Using a marker, paper, cloth, and some string I strongly advise against using a bright, red marker Unless you like yuurei2 with blood red peepers

To non-Japanese they may look very much like ghosts But in actuality they were made to resemble monks It's interesting to see how ironna3 cultures perceive As well as the various things people believe

The next time your plans are threatened by rain Make one of these while hoping for the ame4 to wane Though it may not help in changing the weather It may help you to feel a lot better


1 Teru teru bozu(てるてる坊主)= a doll made in order to wish for good weather

2 Yuurei(幽霊)= ghost

3 Ironna(色んな)= various

4 Ame(雨)= rain


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