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Giri (Duty and Obligation) complete

My take on giri and public order

I believe I come from a "country of emotions" Where kanjou1 dictates behavior and actions It's quite different from Japan, I think Where duty and obligation reign supreme

Based on observation and personal keiken2 This principle is followed by most citizens "Though I want to vent out my misery I refrain from doing so to maintain public harmony"

Another idea that I think is quite popular Is the duty to prevent meiwaku3 for another "This is inconvenient but it's for myself only Better that than affecting others conjointly"

I really respect this way of thinking Because it protects everyone's well-being Japanese announcements are full of phrases That remind minna4 of everybody's connectedness

"Meiwaku wo kakenai youni5" is a phrase I hear Used in public service announcements quite frequently "In order not to bother" is a rough translation Of this other-centered broadcast in train stations

I believe the heart of Japanese giri6 Is this thinking of "self after society" Sometimes it's too much that it beggars belief But generally it's something I admire sincerely


1 kanjou(感情)= emotion

2 Keiken(経験)= experience

3 Meiwaku(迷惑)= trouble, bother, inconvenience

4 Minna(皆)= everyone

5 Meiwaku wo kakenai youni(迷惑をかけないように)= in order not to bother/trouble

6 Giri(義理)= duty, obligation


前回のミス:to much ---> too much

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