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Tanabata (complete)

A different perspective

I recently read the story of Tanabata1 A story of lovers separated by the papa Now everyone applauds how their love succeeds Despite the circumstances of their relationship

But why were they separated by the father? Was he just an unreasonable bastard? Apparently it was a batsu2 for irresponsibility Love is not an excuse to neglect one's duty

In addition to feeling sorry for the koibitos3 And sympathizing with their current condition I cannot help but think further This is a result of their past blunder

"Ai4" is a theme covered in this fable But "duty" or "responsibility" is equally feasible Finding "the one" is of course essential But not at the expense of one's obligations


1 Tanabata(七夕)= Star Festival (the story of two lovers who can only meet once a year)

2 Batsu(罰)= punishment

3 Koibito(恋人)= lover

4 Ai(愛)= love


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