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Sempai and Kouhai (complete)

A sempai1 is a senior in school or while working Meaning he has more experience in said setting Wisdom and knowledge come with more keiken2 And that is why sempais1 command others' respect

A kouhai3 is a junior in school or while working Meaning he has less experience in said setting With less keiken2 comes learning and errors And that is why kouhais3 respect their seniors

This sempai-kouhai kankei4 is a curious thing And I saw it to some extent as I was working Naturally a sempai1 would get a leadership role And his kouhai3 counterpart was there to follow

A notable mondai5 with this kind of arrangement Is that promotions don't come based on merit Since you started earlier, you are the manager Even though someone can perform way better

Sempais1 definitely have more experience But that doesn't mean they make more sense Don't get me wrong, I respect my seniors Even those who may not deserve such honor

Someone I would respect more than a sempai1 Is a kouhai3 who has earned said sonkei6 True respect is not derived from the order of birth But by one's own merit, one's own worth


1 Sempai(先輩)= senior (in school, at work, etc.) 2 Keiken(経験)= experience

3 Kouhai(後輩)= junior (in school, at work, etc.)

4 Kankei(関係)= relationship

5 Mondai(問題)= problem

6 Sonkei(尊敬)= respect


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