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Parent-Child Dish (complete)

When I was learning the basics of nihonggo1 I went to a local Japanese shop for some food Usually such places lack English menus So I thought, "hey, a good chance to review"

Looking at the menu I recognized some characters Like oya, ko, and don, in this particular order I knew oya meant parent and ko meant kid While don meant a rice bowl dish, just for me

Though I was neither a child nor a parent I wondered what a parent-child dish included I ordered one to satisfy my curiosity And my hara5 thanked me rather quickly

An oyakodon6 or parent-child dish is simply A chicken-egg rice dish with maybe some tamanegi7 At first I saw the name as very misleading But after a while I began to appreciate the meaning


1 Nihonggo(日本語)= the Japanese language

2 Oya(親)= parent 3 Ko(子)= child, kid 4 Don(丼)= rice bowl dish

5 Hara(腹)= stomach

6 Oyakodon(親子丼)= chicken-egg rice dish 7 Tamanegi(玉ねぎ)= onion


前回のミス:apreciate ---> appreciate

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